Was just about it enhanced for elderly sleeve potato chips or something equivalent?

i went of heating oils past 🙁 Jan 19 puff: where around the world would you alive? The month of january 19

this type of mom f’s from the have put have been winning contests with me all round the day Jan 19 shoulda puffed even more secret Jan 19 destinal-wirc1: it’s chill, this is why i have unnecessary glance at slots 😛 often we forget where we set anything tho The month of january 19 just how many is really many? The month of january 19

destinal-wirc1: Troy, Ny The month of january 19 pfffft Jan 19 it’s best close to bumblfeck Jan 19 we get colder winters than just jeanu or anchorage The month of january 19

The month of january 20 zsoc: it’s using sleeve rules about visitor cpu Jan 20 oic The month of january 20 zsoc: it executes sleeve

partners miles north out-of albany The month of january 19 :> The month of january 19 I was chuckling from the Cuil Principle right through the day. Jan 19 I dislike redditers. Jan 19 er.. redditors? redditators? those who post on reddit. The month of january 19 . The month of january 19 as to the reasons? Jan 19 these include better than diggers Jan 19 and less nerdy than simply slashdotters The month of january 19 PuffTheMagic: merely amazed, We haven’t observed temperatures oils in keeping have fun with, however, googling, frequently it’s more common than just I imagined. Jan 19 i’m extended viewer never time poster from most of the three Jan 19 we coulda made an acct when the fresh new numbesr were way low however, zero sense today The month of january 19

yeah you will find never used it before both Jan 19 yeah guy Jan 19 Tones: i got an effective eight digit icq count up to just last year 🙂 Jan 19 not everyone stays in brand new twenty-first 100 years The month of january 19

Jan 20 or maybe just defectively written?

3-5% toward abilities Jan 20 dtzWill|away: Exactly what are you «rewriting»? Removing the new Flash blogs? The month of january 20 zsoc: i appear to be creating fine, and i wrote screening to cycle because of ‘interesting’ beliefs and look flags etc, and my implementations look okay–those you will find checked-out anyhow Jan 20 dtzWill|away: i am simply trying stop you from being also cool is all the, I have to contemplate my personal image Jan 20 zsoc: man-made comparison try unsatisfactory but disassembling the effect reveals an insane shorter education matter (

6) and timings highly recommend it has to work very well Jan 20 haha Jan 20 zsoc: yeah i am spinning flash.h and sleeve-the newest.h The month of january 20 dtzWill is tough. key. creating the files which can be conditionally found in those people, however, exact same difference. rewriting the capabilities Jan 20 dtzWill|away: what exactly is completely wrong on the old arm-the newest.h? The month of january 20 timepants: sarcasm is not enjoyed, i’m undertaking everything i is also 🙂 The month of january 20

You will find Heat Once more! Jan 20 zsoc: https://datingmentor.org/escort/winston-salem/ there have been several implementations each Jan 20 isn’t it created in C which would work to your x86? The month of january 20 zsoc: you’ll find x86 asm impls and you may c impls Jan 20 dtzWill|aside, sarcasm! D: noooo not really Jan 20 D: Jan 20 zsoc: obv x86 will not wokr, and you may c sucks butt particularly for things such as flag computations Jan 20 i just imagine their cool your investing a great deal with the rendering it works Jan 20 zsoc: changes, rotates, was awful in the c and you may unmarried period within the asm, like once the Every instruction we imitate .. can be found on the guest central processing unit The month of january 20 dtzWill|away: emergency room. wasnt flash.h and you will case-the fresh new.h the brand new.. /arm/ execution? The month of january 20 timepants: haha well it’s fun :). . and thus composing case asm to match it isn’t too much however must be careful which have philosophy/flags/etc. The month of january 20 (since you can’t just call equiv heh given that you will find flags and you can condition of one’s to maintain) Jan 20 you’ve been busy The month of january 20 zsoc: haha. we have knowledge of virtualization and you may emulation which means this isn’t really too far outta my personal present domain Jan 20 zsoc: arm is new, emulation is not. Jan 20 PuffTheMagic: wow, it is 34F where you are, you shouldn’t had been having a great time inside lack of heating The month of january 20 dtzWill|away: exactly how many CFLAGS on your own config script try needed seriously to retain the amount of optimization? Whilst configures with out them yet not together with them (I assume it overwrites any good ldflags should do?) Jan 20 yours don’t configure which have those individuals cflags? they truly are simply -f* and many -I’s. o_O The month of january 20

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