Simply how much Does it charge to Put a pop music Top on a Van?

Adding a pop top your van lets you conveniently stand-up inside, helping to make things like cooking and changing infinitely convenient. Pop music best frequently also include a lofted bed, indicating you can easily sleeping right up leading and keep your van’s floor space for other facilities, you can also have two bedrooms and bring your whole team on escapades.

a pop music very top furthermore provides you with extra room once you camp for evening without affecting your gasoline economy and/or vehicle’s dealing with while travel. Adding a pop top is a great alternative should you decide already very own a van that you want to convert into an adventure-mobile. There are numerous firms that supply pop music leading installations, or, if you should be therefore predisposed, you can do it yourself.

So, exactly how much can it price to put a pop leading on a van? If you choose to has a business enterprise skillfully apply a pop leading on the van, anticipate paying between $7,500 and $15,000. The exact price hinges on which kind of van you have, and whether you need features on the pop music best, like a penthouse sleep, custom paint, all-season insulation, a vent enthusiast, and so on. If you’re able to salvage a pop very top for inexpensive and sometimes even complimentary and also have the abilities to put in it your self, you can easily get the job done at an extremely low priced.

Let’s talk about some businesses that put in pop music tops:


Prices on Doing It Yourself sets changes by automobile product, so that you must name her customer care representatives to acquire an exact costs with this alternative. Colorado Camper Van offers to cut the roof beginning for you for $780, to help make the installation even easier.

GTRV provides a number of sales solutions, such as exactly the installing a pop leading. This service will run your between $8,500 and $10,000, according to build and type of the van.

This really is a rather reasonable price, but if you think about which they promote a Weekender sales package for $15,000 or a complete Westy conversion process for $30,000, it nearly looks more modest just to let them perform the entire sales at the same time.

The Weekender bundle contains the pop best, bench/bed system, and processed microsoft windows, while the complete Westy package consists of those facilities plus a home and storage cabinets.

GTRV is going to work on both brand-new and used vehicles, very whether you’re beginning scratch or perhaps you currently have a van that you would like to transform, they’ve had gotten you sealed.

Recon Campers

Recon travelers supplies a pop music very top at the same time, however their version arises at an angle in place of dull, so there is significantly more headroom towards top on the van.

It has three zippered screens with displays and a sleep space that’s 83 ins very long and 40 inches wide, thus two people can free Niche dating site comfortably sleeping right up there. Their unique pop music leading comes with roof stand songs, to create a rack for added storage up top any time you choose.

Their unique pop music top installations begins at $7,500, you could also decide to create added properties, like a solar ventilation lover or roof rack crossbars.

North Westy

North Westy simply put plant Westfalia pop tops to VW Vanagons, however they need developed her craft to perfection.

Their particular pop music best conversions pricing around $10,700 and include a plant fiberglass pop top (that they install much the same way the VW factory really does), a fresh Sunbrella material portion with three windowpanes and custom shades readily available, fresh pop leading seals, Westfalia decals, an updated headliner, and stainless fasteners and baggage stand loops.

For further fees, you are able to select a color-matched leading or sleek sanded very top. These pop music clothes open at an angle, so there is more headroom at the front end associated with the van, but including just about any pop music top to a Vanagon offers you quite a bit a lot more room overall. Additionally increase the resale property value your own van.


ModVans cannot market which they offer a stand-alone pop music leading installation provider, nonetheless they perform put pop music clothes included in her conversion plans. Their particular pop music covers available flat to give max additional room and just have several microsoft windows for panorama and air flow. Latches hold the pop leading down although you drive, after which a rocker change raises and reduces the pop very top while you are quit.

The pop music very top are build in either ‘bed form,’ where in actuality the sleep is actually place and accessed through the permanent orifice to the top on the van, or ‘stand means,’ where the bed are connected to the pop leading roofing system which provides your above 6 feet of interior height.

The people at ModVans is advocates of reduced roofing vans, the ease of parking (especially in garages) and driveability, thus incorporating a pop music top tends to make their particular van conversion rates exemplary both for town driving and boondocking.

Or, You’ll Doing It Yourself

Even as we discussed briefly when you look at the Colorado Camper Van point, you can acquire Doing It Yourself sets to add pop best, you can also go complete MacGyver and fabricate yours, take one from a scrapped van, or else improvise a pop top.

However, this calls for cutting a really large and probably damaging (should you decide screw up) opening when you look at the roofing of the completely good van, and this should simply be performed if you’re exceedingly confident in your capabilities.

But this is certainly a powerful way to cut costs! If you don’t have actually ten racks to decrease on an expertly setup pop top, DIYing are a feasible choice. As with any job which involves cutting, remember to calculate double (or ten times should you decide actually want to end up being safer) and clipped as soon as.

Some people bring gotten innovative with regards to pop music best installments, including salvaged Volkswagen pop clothes to all types of vehicles, such as Sprinters, Ford E-Series vehicles, and Chevy Express vans. If you possess the expertise and creativeness, the sky’s the maximum for just what you can do with a van and an old pop music leading apparatus.

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