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On the other hand, it is still necessary to compare the risks presented by nuclear power plants with others that we know better. best australian casino Two speakers presented us with graphs on which we could see that, compared to a fixed amount of energy, the largest number of fatal accidents concerned coal, then came oil, white coal and finally nuclear energy. You taught us that by maintaining a sufficiently sustained pace, the periodicity of our elections would be about 2 years. It can hardly be hoped that this periodicity may be tighter in the near future. You will have next to you our colleague Jacquinot, whose clarity of mind you know and who has given us, also for 2 years, so many wise opinions.

At 15:30 the Academy is formed in secret Committee. The President announced the death in Toulouse on 31 January 1979 of Clément Bressou, a member of the Section of Animal and Plant Biology. The Academy is informed about the Leipzig Spring Fair, which will take place from 11 to 18 March 1979. R. Courrier and the members to be appointed following the preliminary discussion on the Grands Prix.

  • And we believe that, as in adults, testing in the fetus, newborn, infant or child should be prohibited.
  • Although we have taken into account the explosive development of Science in recent decades, we will not be able to associate with our Company all the illustrious scientists of our time.
  • However, any man can freely dispose of his body, his consent must be sufficient when it comes to a request for a therapeutic trial; but the notion of informed consent is not without many problems.

Firm convictions are always appreciated in this chamber. Our discussions are purely intellectual, they do not affect esteem or friendship. Our Company, you will see by frequenting it, offers a serene atmosphere, which is quite exceptional now. I do not want to leave the chapter on the risks that modern life poses to man without mentioning the presentations of our colleague Mr Truhaut on dioxin and asbestos, the first of which was quite frightening and the second rather reassuring, in the sense that it did justice to some excessive remarks.

The President announced the death, which occurred in Bourg-la-Reine, on January 16, 1979, of Mr. André Couder, a member of the Section of Sciences of the Universe. It is this deterministic statement that the Introduction to the study of experimental medicine, which became the code of biological thought, states and develops in 1865. It is thus Claude Bernard’s greatest merit to have introduced determinism into biology because Claude Bernard introduced not only the term that made a fortune but the way of thinking that results from it. It is all the merit of experimentation to know how to fulfill these conditions and if everything is determined, the result is determined. Thus the thought of Claude Bernard, associating intuition with rational deduction based on the strictest experimental criticism, proceeded in the course of his work. We could say of Claude Bernard that he guesses as an artist what he then demonstrates as a scientist.

You chose Messrs. Guinier and Janot to represent us on the Administrative Committee. M. Guinier is the crystallographer who made us know the reasons why duralumin is solid, while aluminum is not. His action, in the presidency of COFUSI and that of CODHOS, assures us that his assistance will be valuable.

First there were the Royal Societies of Sciences in the various colonies that became states and in 1887 had been created a super body, the Australian Association for the Advancement of Science. In addition to this vocation, this National Council was to promote scientific research in Australia and fulfill the functions of an Academy of Sciences. It was then that took the initiative to found an Australian Academy of Sciences 12 fellows of the Royal Society of London who resided in Australia. After various negotiations that led to the decision to dissolve the Australian National Research Council, the charter of the New Academy was presented by Queen Elizabeth herself in 1954. This charter laid down the objectives and purposes of the Academy, which seem to me too numerous for me to list them here today.

But it goes without saying that these new techniques, which represent so many experimental acts, pose cases of conscience to the surgeon who must weigh the risks. It is important not to ignore the legal side of such tests, which in some countries are heavily sanctioned in case of failure and can thus lead the operator to a timid and conservative attitude. It is also necessary to consider dams, whose reservoir lakes contain considerable reserves of energy that can burst in the event of a rupture. Accidents of this kind have occurred because the previous geological studies had been neglected or had not been taken into consideration by the builders. But the tragic lesson of these facts has been understood; now the measures that are being applied are very severe and the risks to the populations that live downstream of large dams is reduced even in the event of very violent earthquakes, moreover unlikely, but unfortunately difficult to predict.

Mr Fernand Gailais, Member of the Institute, Head of the delegation; Messrs. Bénard, President of the National Committee, Brocard, Jeannin, Martin, Rigaudy and Ourisson. Tenth General Assembly, June 1979; Toronto, 1 vol. Sabatier, Université des Sciences et Techniques du Languedoc, Laboratoire de physique Mathémathique, 1978; 1 vol. Mechanisms of DNA alteration and repair, relationships with mutagen and chemical carcinogenesis.

However, it is these insignificant germs, discovered or conceived by independent minds, true challengers of Science, that will change knowledge and its applications tomorrow. Will it land in uncontrollable rapids or spill into a quiet lake? Isn’t Man behaving like a sorcerer’s apprentice? Is he waiting for a real wizard to come and restore order and security? We don’t know that yet and the anxiety of governments is therefore justified.

Centre de recherche de Pau, Special Bulletin, n° 1, 1972; 1 vol. Contribution of immunohistochemistry to the cytological study of the adenohypophysis by C. GIROD. Bulletin of the Association of Anatomists, vol.

He collected them in 34 large volumes of observation notebooks. The President announced the death of Jean Lecomte, a member of the Physics Section, in Paris on 28 March 1979. He invites the Academy to gather in silence for a few moments, as a sign of mourning.

If current medicine can claim to be a science, it owes it to Claude Bernard. Suffice it to say here that Claude Bernard notes that if unicellular beings are bathed by the ambient environment and depend closely on it, the organic elements of multicellular beings bathe in a fluid whose physical and chemical characteristics are stable and independent to a large extent of ambient conditions. Center of modern design of hydrocarbon metabolism in the normal and pathological state as Professor Czyzyk will soon show us. A real revolution in digestive physiology and pathology.

I think that the real danger for civilization lies in the inadequacy of scientific information from the public, which favors nostalgic ideologies; it lies above all, as Louis Armand noted, in the inertia of structures. And yet the main reason that makes the public reluctant to any drug trial on healthy humans, with the exception of a small number wishing to boast of a possible sacrifice on the altar of science lies in the belief that animal experimentation should provide the necessary elements of safety before the transition to humans. This type of experiment on humans has not yet reached the therapeutic stage. Would its application on a larger scale become possible, then there would be a shortage of donors, a phenomenon that would be amplified compared to the one that already exists in kidney transplantation. Morality finds its place in the simple improvement of a technique as well as in the happy realization of a new operation.

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We could certainly face an institutionalization of our role of scientific expertise. By an absolute majority of the votes cast, are elected Members of the Academy Mr. Jean-Pierre Lehman, in the discipline of Geology and Mr. Jacques Blamont in the discipline of External Geophysical Astronomy. At the request of the author, the sealed fold accepted at the meeting of November 6, 1978 and recorded under the n ° is opened by Mr. President. The document withdrawn from it will be submitted for consideration to the Mathematics Section. The small quantities available to us did not allow us to go any further in the investigation; nevertheless, based on the results obtained, we hypothesize that Samuel Bauss taking citric acid as a starting material prepared three degradation products and then obtained succinimide from the third. He thus chemically revealed as early as 1829 a short link in the chain of transformation of citric acid which in biology will be integrated into the Krebs cycle; he also isolated an imide which will subsequently count among the common reagents of functional organic analysis.

Development of the University and Research has reached the point where the sigmoid has twisted in the wrong direction, the difficulties that you all know have arisen with some acuity. These difficulties became acute a little before the development of our Reform, and it is barely implemented that the Government turns to us. The point that has particularly concerned biologists is related to waste that remains dangerous for many, many years.

The sealed fold n ° 258 deposited on August 24, 1834 by Anselm Payen, contains on the one hand, observations and on the other hand, hypotheses that were at the origin of various works carried out by Payen during his career. True, Payen’s name is closely connected with various other research topics, in particular, with the discovery of diastases , but his latest Notes appeared in the Proceedings in and still relate to the constitution of the wall of woody elements. Payen was therefore, until the end of his life, concerned about the nature of the constituents of wood and the protection of this material.

In 1942, he described the antihistamine and anti-anaphylactic properties of different bodies, which resulted in the discovery of antergan. This compound represents the first of the drugs of this pharmacological family, which has been successfully used therapeutically. It was this discovery that gave rise to the well-known research on antihistamines. 3° histamine is a true cellular constituent, since the amount of histamine present in circulating moods constitutes only a tiny fraction of the mass of histamine.

For in 1922 official international relations with German scientists had not been resumed. This is the credit of Henri Abraham, secretary General of the International Union of Physics, for having these relations restored a few years later. In addition to the scientific sessions, official sessions were held; on the evening of 14 March, an inaugural session was held at the Jerusalem Theater, the official speech being delivered by Sir Berlin of the University of Oxford, followed by a concert offered by Isaac Stern and the Israel Chamber Orchestra. The necessary controls should be carried out in accordance with the opinion of the scientists competent in the various fields.

At a very young age, Jacques Duclaux showed his attraction for chemistry. Moreover, his studies were so brilliant that he passed his baccalaureate at the age of 15, with age exemption, and entered the École normale supérieure first at the age of 18. The energy problems that beset us have given new life to thermodynamics.

This process was in fact used industrially from that time to make paper from the wood of several tree species and even «straw of several grasses». This was really a «new application» because the paper was previously made only from the debris of Hemp, Linen, Cotton or other textile substances fabrics. It also assumes that the «inferiority of Cotton over Hemp as textile substances» arises from the absence of the nitrogenous substance or from a «small proportion». In the last 4 paragraphs of the fold, the author, while relying on observations, tries to interpret them by formulating a number of hypotheses.

Elections fixed in advance, but which has increased from five at first, to a dozen today. The number of fellows that was 64 a quarter of a century ago is now marching blithely towards 200. So it is a large Academy, considering the population of Australia. The current average age is slightly under 60, and the majority of fellows recruited are between the ages of 40 and 55.

Mr. Maurice Fontaine drew attention to the presence of Professor Harold Copp, Director of the Department of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, and President of the Royal Society of Canada’s Academy of Sciences. The author’s hasty position was taken following the publication by Ampère of a dissertation on «Experiments relating to new electromagnetic phenomena»; this attempt was surpassed by a new work by Ampère in Geneva, with A. Such as yohimbine alkaloids, corynantheine, cinchonamine, oxindolic alkaloids, vincamine, ibogaine etc. The Academy, consulted, did not object to the appointment of Mr. Jean Denizet as Associate Professor at the Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers. The President welcomed her and invited her to take part in the meeting.

These words date from 1931, the same year he was appointed professor of General Biology at the Collège de France. He now carries out his teaching and research activities head-on. The College laboratory, a pavilion promised for demolition, does not offer him new means. It is at the Institute of Physicochemical Biology that he continues his studies on cellulose.

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