Constantly, constantly a thrill without a purpose. 30 days, this type of a haze.

Everyone wishes a bit of the action. Folks wants some the cake.

We are on any occasion, hooligan’s getaway. I’m on a vacation, hooligan’s. We gotta get-away, hooligan’s holiday. We are on a holiday, hooligan’s, yeah. Cro-eyed derilicts comin’, metal horse between the legs. Tattoos, black colored manes flowin’. On a daily basis’s a holidaze.

Folks wants an article of the action. Everyone desires some the cake. They demand a bit of notice.

We’re on a holiday, hooligan’s trip. I’m on any occasion, hooligan’s. We gotta escape, hooligan’s trip. We’re on a holiday, hooligan’s.

Present times and newer blood’s pumpin’. Just the stronger survive.

12. Rock-‘n’-roll Enthusiast

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We said dance, I mentioned prance Sleazing in like a monkey That’s cool, We say its gro Honey therefore damn cool Dance to your flow Jungle tunes rhythm So primal, pet Tearing on the outfit Striped with such a strip She’s a success’s rockshot She cannot stop trying, no-no she you shouldn’t provide a shit

Hey hey hey She’s a rock-‘n’-roll junkie That’s just how she gets the girl kicks How she licks their mouth its how she becomes this lady fix Another midnight monkey How’d she see those kicks simply a rock ‘n’ roll enthusiast I’m a wildcat i can not scratch amazing to feel the wind’s draft located when you look at the songs grimey dirty audio Dancing on sides She loves it that way (She really likes they that way) She really likes they kid

Hey hey hey she is a rock-‘n’-roll enthusiast which is just how she becomes their kicks just how she licks the lady lip area its how she becomes the girl fix Another midnight monkey exactly how’d she have those kicks merely a rock ‘n’ roll junkie

She enjoys they in that way She really loves they child, hey hey hey

13. Angela

I have been an alleycat, I existed nine everyday lives Similar to a fine drink, I’m best as time passes Like a diamondback rattlesnake i’ve the rattle in the event it encountered the shake

[Pre-Chorus] and soon you, gimme one thing to trust until such time you, gimme something to drain my personal teeth into

[Chorus] today when the gusts of wind weep Angela Angela, I’ll be around available Once the storms cry Angela Angela, i will be around

I have been a poet constantly tongue in cheek I have seen some scenes man you’d never feel And like a supercharged skyrocket drive You are sure that they’d have actually fuel as long as they encountered the energy (Pre-Chorus) [Chorus]

Oh Angela Oh Angela When the gusts of wind weep Angela

Help save myself – I’m a draw heart sucker inside whiskey ghost community Save myself – Have me personally in your seat and ride myself into the ground

Ooooh ooooh ooooh, Angela Ooooh ooooh ooooh, yeah!

Oh Angela Oh Angela today if the wind gusts weep Angela Baby, baby I’ll be here

14. Mood Ring

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I am havnig a bad journey (hahaha) Myflower in my own tresses just wilted i recently sold my lightbulb to Ratt Charlie Manson was my personal champion i will accept Hendrix Janis Joplin is able to celebration Nixon’s a happenin’ dude That’s why globally is the means truly these days This is basically the tale of living The tread on my sandles are on their way off

15. Dr. Feelgood babylon escort Carlsbad (Alive)

Rat-tailed Jimmy try the next give bonnet the guy offers out in Hollywood had gotten a ’65 Chevy, primered fires exchanged for many powdered products Jigsaw Jimmy he is runnin’ a gang But I hear he’s doin’ okay Got a comfortable little tasks, deal the Mexican mob bundles of candycaine

He is one they name Dr. Feelgood He is the one that helps make ya feeling alright He’s the one they contact Dr. Feelgood

Cops in the area constantly overlook a person’s acquiring paid Jimmyhas got it wired, laws’s for get started using it manufactured in the tone had gotten somewhat hideaway, really does busine for hours on end But at night he’ll continually be discover marketing glucose into sweet someone throughout the road Phone this Jimmy’s area

He’s one they phone Dr. Feelgood He is one that tends to make ya become alright He’s the main one they call Dr. Feelgood He is gonna become your Frankenstein I got the one thing might read He’s not that which you’d call an attractive people had gotten something that’s conveniently fully understood He’s usually the one they contact Dr. Feelgood

He’ll inform you he is the master of those barrio streets Moving up to shangri-la arrived by their wealth as a question of luck states he never broke no laws Two time loser not having enough fruit juice time for you re-locate fast Heard a rumour supposed round Jimmy’s heading down This time it really is going to stick

He’s the main one they phone Dr. Feelgood He is one that helps make ya think alright He is one they call Dr. Feelgood He is gonna become your Frankenstein

Allow your soothe your own heart, take their give people phone him an evil people Let your introduce himself genuine great he is the only person they phone «Feelgood»

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