a€?exactly what do need for morning meal?a€? Father expected.

a€?I want some motherfucking pancakes!a€?, The first son exclaimed. Father smacks the little man and admonishes him for swearing and delivers him back in their room.

The next son enters into the kitchen and father again asks understanding wished for breakfast. a€?Needs some motherfucking pancakes!a€?, the 2nd man mentioned. The guy in addition gets whacked and sent back to their room, sobbing.

Redneck relative has your kitchen and Dad once again requires what is desired for break fast.

Redneck cousin states a€?we dona€™t discover, but we certain as HELL dona€™t want any motherfucking pancakes!a€?

15 Redneck Exactly Who Misunderstood The Street Indication

There have been some backwoods hillbillies living throughout the river from both, whom feuded constantly. John disliked Clarence with a passion and not passed away right up the opportunity to put rocks throughout the lake at Clarence.

This went on consistently until eventually the Corps of designers came to develop a link across that river. John got elated; he advised his girlfriend that ultimately he was getting the chance to cross and whip Clarence.

The guy leftover your house and came back in a matter of mins. Their spouse requested that was incorrect, performedna€™t the guy intend to look at the link and whip Clarence?

The guy answered which he never had truly observed Clarence close up and performedna€™t see their dimensions until the guy begun around connection and saw the indication: a€?CLEARANCE 8 FT 3 INa€?

16 Two Redneck Hunters Traveling In Chopper

Two redneck hunters have a pilot to fly all of them inside much north for elk shopping. These people were quite winning within opportunity and bagged six larger bulls.

The pilot came ultimately back as organized to pick all of them upwards. They going loading their particular gear inside airplanes, such as the six elk. Nevertheless the pilot objected he mentioned, a€?The planes takes down merely four of elk. You’re going to have to allow two behind.a€?

Among the hunters forced onward, a€?Hey, last year our pilot let’s sign up for six elk. It had been the same model jet, exact same climate conditions, and every little thing. Whata€™s with this? We would like you to definitely let us travel around the same as last year.

Hesitantly the pilot finally allowed them to placed all six Canada farmers dating elk aboard and also the people all climbed in the help of its equipment. But once they attempted to remove and fly from the area, the little jet cannot ensure it is. They damaged during the wilderness.

Hiking out of the wreckage, one redneck said to others, a€?Do you know where we’re?a€?

a€?I think very,a€? answered additional redneck. a€?Yep! I believe this will be about 100 gardens furthermore along than in which we crashed just last year!a€?

17 Inebriated Rednecks Go Looking

From the police facility, Bubba explained to the authorities policeman precisely why their cousins shot your.

a€?Well,a€? Bubba began, a€?We wuz havina€™ a good time ingesting, when my cousin Ray acquired his shotgun and stated, a€?Hey, der ya fellows want to go shopping?a€™a€?

a€?And subsequently what happened?a€? the policeman disrupted.

a€?From the thing I remember,a€? Bubba mentioned, a€?I endured up and said, a€?Sure, Ia€™m video game.a€™a€?

18 Rednecks Reveal Their Spouses

Three rednecks become drinking beer at a club. After a couple of drinks they begin making reference to their own spouses.

The most important redneck says, a€?My wifea€™s thus really stupida€¦ last week she bought a motorcycle helmet and in addition we dona€™t even have a bike.a€?

The second redneck claims, a€?Oh yeah? Really my personal wifea€™s very dumb, she bought united states a Blu-Ray user and we dona€™t have a TV.

The 3rd redneck states, a€?Oh yeah, well I can top each of those. the wifea€™s thus stupid, the other nights i came across condoms in her handbag, and she dona€™t have even a penis!a€?

Brief Redneck Laughs

18 so why do wild birds travel over truck areas ugly? Therea€™s little well worth crapping on.

19 Whata€™s the very last thing you usually hear before a redneck dies? Hey ya€™alla€¦ View this!

20 Just how can rednecks spend the very first month regarding the school season? Learning the Miranda Liberties.

21 Exactly what are the just two conditions a Redneck can label? Football and Construction.

22 How can you determine if a redneck are partnered? Discover cigarette spit discolorations on both sides of their pickup truck.

23 Do you discover the new 3 million money Tennessee State lotto? The winner becomes 3 bucks annually for so many many years.

24 how come rednecks like having sexual intercourse doggy design? That way capable both see wrestling.

25 you may be a redneck if you are still waiting on hold to Confederate cash as you consider the southern area will increase once again.

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