4. extended 0% APR opening advertisement on shopping and Balance Transfers

Citi Customized finances have among the longest 0per cent APR basic promotions of every cash-back card available on the market, exceeded only by a handful of cards at any time — such as by their stablemate, the Citi increase earnings cards, with a much extended balances move marketing.

Citi Customized Cash’s 0per cent APR advertising is notable for addressing both shopping and balance transfers, rather than only one and/or more as well as often the circumstances. In general, this is exactly one of the better credit cards available for people seeking to stay away from interest charges in early stages.

5. Lots of Cash-Back Redemption Selection

Citi custom made profit cardholders make ThankYou points redeemable for profit equivalents (report credits, banking account deposits) and gifts cards, common merchandise, plus. Of course, it’s a fantastic respect money for cardholders that like maintaining her options open, and a bonus over directly cash-back cards like Citi Double funds.

6. No Quarterly Turning Cash-Back Groups to consider

Unlike Chase liberty Flex along with other bank cards with turning categories, Citi Custom Cash does not query cardholders to keep up with of groups that changes because of the thirty days or one-fourth. Neither can it call for cardholders to manually activate bonus cash back in those categories, a perennial downside of Flex and its particular ilk. Here, extra income are all automatic, continuously.


The Citi Custom Made Funds Credit is not best. The disadvantages put a comparatively low baseline cash-back speed and a foreign deal cost that’s not as much as ideal for cardholders whom regularly endeavor outside the U.S. or buying merchandise from international manufacturers.

1. Low Standard Cash-Back Rate

Citi Personalized earnings have a low baseline cash-back rate of only 1per cent, or 1 ThankYou aim per $1 invested. This rate relates to all purchases except one $500 in eligible purchases within the cardholder’s leading spending class when it comes to thirty days. For higher-spending cardholders, that is apt to suggest the majority of all cards expenses.

By contrast, 2percent flat-rate cards like Citi dual money build limitless 2% cash return on all qualified shopping, all the time.

2. Has a Foreign Purchase Fee

Citi Custom money features a 3% foreign purchase fee. That’s a drawback relative to competing notes that don’t need foreign exchange costs as well as specific issue to cardholders exactly who regularly take a trip overseas or patronize worldwide providers.

3. Not Right For First-Time Mastercard Users

Citi custom made money calls for advisable that you exceptional credit score rating. it is maybe not handy for first-time charge card consumers with limited credit score, nor to applicants with impaired credit score rating (lowest FICO credit ratings).

4. incentive Cash-Back income Capped at $500 in Monthly investing

Citi Custom funds hats bonus cash-back profits at $25 per month, equating to no more than $500 in month-to-month added bonus group purchasing. That’s a disadvantage for hefty spenders which constantly smack the investing limit.

Last Phrase

The Citi Custom profit cards improves upon the category-based cash-back card with one practical adjust on the model: immediately enjoyable purchasing from inside the cardholder’s leading paying category the thirty days, instead of in an arbitrary category or two that rotates quarterly.

Absolutely nothing against traditional classification notes like Chase independence Flex. With advance order planning, maximizing Chase Freedom Flex’s 5% incentive kinds is absolutely doable. Persistent liberty Flex cardholders with sufficient budgets can draw out maximum $300 annual bonus profit from their cards.

However, Citi Customized earnings also keeps the promise as high as $300 in added bonus profit yearly, housed in a much straightforward incentives system. No manual activation, no examining the cash-back schedule quarterly — only every day expenses that immediately earns 5 times the baseline cash-back speed. What could possibly be less complicated?

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